Pastor’s Corner – April 7, 2024

Total Eclipse 

On Monday afternoon, April 8th, I hope you take the time to witness the total eclipse! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness something like this in cosmic proportions, when the sun and the moon and the earth lineup just above us. It’s a special invitation. I hear there will be a thirty percent increase in visitors to Dallas, and here we are, we don’t have to go anywhere, but lift up our heads, put on solar eclipse sunglasses and be awed for about four minutes of total eclipse casting a dark shadow, and on the edges, we can see the fire of sun flare up or corona they call it. I hear scientists tell us that the sun is at maximum output activity, meaning in its eleven-year cycle we can see a better display of corona. 

All this to say, we humans are so curious about the universe and our place in our world. This curiosity knows no national boundary nor any other boundaries we place on others. Such a moment unites us as earthlings, as humans. There is a long history behind every culture and peoples, our ancestors observing the movements of celestial bodies. Psalms and prophetic imaginations are full of them. For a moment, when we all look up into the solar eclipse, I wonder what the universe is saying to us, as we all share in this wonder and awe? 

Maybe in another lifetime, all our strife and warring will cease. There will be peace on earth. There will be curiosity and the question of where we are in our universe continue to guide our wonder and exploration. No matter, we are human beings after all. Amen.

Pastor Dae

Viewing the total eclipse from the church parking lot.