Pastor’s Corner – March 12, 2023

Living Water Poured Out for You… 

I am profoundly grateful, since my call to WPPC, that slowly but surely, I’m finding myself in a liturgical movement of a faith community that takes biblical texts seriously, to reimagine our world by having God as a key player. Especially in our post-Christian and post-modern world this is increasingly challenging to audiences who are mostly atheists and non-religious but spiritual people. Walter Brueggemann in “Deep Memory, Exuberant Hope,” writes that the church is “an arena that pays attention to the text in all of its ‘thickness,’ meaning that the text cannot be read at a glance, cannot be exhausted by critical methods, cannot be summed up in familiar context…the church and its interpreters must hear every nuance and go deep into memory. Such attentive remembering, however, is more than a recall of the past. It spills into the present as a neighborly ethic that contradicts selfish violence, and into the future as hope that contradicts despair. Our society is indeed increasingly thinned of memory, ethics, and hope. The biblical text offers a powerful alternative to that thinness, a thickness laden with courage, freedom, and energy.” (preface xii

When we gather to worship, in communion with saints before us and present, we are empowered by the gospel, good news of God’s vision for us and our world. Already in the middle of our Lenten journey, this coming Sunday we hear the story of a Samaritan woman at the well who thirst for the living water. She is an outcast, marginalized and powerless in so many ways, but Jesus reaches out and breaks the barrier of despair and alienation, by sharing the heart of God, by offering living water. I invite you to come worship with us, and taste this living water Jesus offers us that is an alternative to water of the world that can never satisfy our thirst. 


Pastor Dae