Pastor’s Corner – March 31, 2024

Did I tell you my favorite gospel is Mark? You see, the other synoptic gospels like Matthew and Luke have longer versions of Jesus’ story with a particular audience in mind. They are elaborate and sermonic in ways that make sense for a particular time and place. Mark on the other hand is direct, simple and leaves more room for imagination. It’s also known to be closer to the original source where all synoptic gospels depend and derive their writings. Mark is more raw in form and doesn’t sugar coat some hard sayings of Jesus. For example in the Beatitudes, that classic sermon by Jesus, Mark writes, “blessed are the poor, for theirs is the kingdom of God” while Luke writes “blessed are the poor in spirit…” It’s much more down to earth and tells the world like it is without embellishments. And what stands out among other gospels is the ending. Yes, no Hollywood ending here with a post-resurrection scene having breakfast with disciples on the shore of Galilee. It ends like the beginning of a horror film, “disciples are terrified, fleeing from the empty tomb, amazed and saying nothing to anyone for they were afraid.” These are the last words of Mark. So what are we going to do with this version of the Easter story?

Well, I think Mark passed on his torch and we are to run with it, creating our own Easter story. It’s an invitation to imagine the impossible in our messy and yet beautiful world! Come let us worship God, and witness for ourselves the empty tomb, for a new beginning and life has come. Amen

Pastor Dae