Pastor’s Corner – October 8, 2023

Matthew 21: 22-46 and Isaiah 5:1-7

Over the past few Sundays, as well as this Sunday, we have been invited to a vineyard in the gospel reading that tells us a story, a parable, of the heavenly kingdom. We are confronted with violence and greed by tenants who kill the laborers and abuse the landowner’s son, ultimately killing him, and possessing the vineyard. It’s clear in this context that Jesus was addressing the leadership of Israel, specifically comparing religious leaders to the tenants. Jesus may have been mindful of prophet Isaiah’s love-song, a promising relationship between God and Israel, only to find injustice and abuse by the elites. Historically this passage was used as antisemitic propaganda, so we need to be careful as to how we interpret the story. More importantly, we must ask ourselves the question it raises: when God continually reaches out to us with love by sending laborers and even God’s own child, how do we respond? As we ponder the scriptures together, may God grant us the wisdom and courage to live out our calling to serve and bless those whom God sends our way. Amen. 

On October 15, following the worship service we are going to have a conversation about what it means to be a More Light Presbyterian Church. I encourage you to check out the website link,

See you all this coming Sunday in Worship.

Pastor Dae