Pastor’s Corner – September 17, 2023

Inclusive Church,

There is a lot of talk about becoming a more inclusive church, to welcome all people. However, what does that look like? When we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, everyone is welcome at the table. But it’s not enough that we say we are a welcoming church – all congregations feel that way but don’t make it feel safe for those who are not heterosexual or have “questionable” spirituality that feels heretical! They place certain theological and confessional barriers that say you need to consent to our belief system. However, at the heart of the church, we are in the business of hospitality and to walk with anyone through their journey of faith. We are not in the business of judgment or deciding who is in or out. In the next few weeks, I will be writing about the More Light movement of PCUSA. From their website: What We Believe – More Light Presbyterians (

“Visible, tangible welcome for LGBTQIA+ persons isn’t just a Gospel imperative, it’s an incredible tool for evangelism. There has never been a better time to become a More Light church. While many strides have been made for LGBTQIA+ inclusion and rights, too many LGBTQIA+ people do not feel they have a place to worship. Though welcome for all God’s children might seem obvious within your congregation, do others outside of your walls know of your commitment and support for LGBTQIA+ persons in the church? Becoming More Light is a great way to ensure people in your community know your congregation or group is a welcoming and affirming place to encounter God.”

I encourage you to check out the website and learn more about this movement which I have been a part of for decades, before gay marriage was legalized and our PCUSA polity opened up for more inclusion. Becoming more inclusive is an act of justice and compassion; it’s an act of love because God is love and all are God’s children, regardless who you are. Amen. 

Pastor Dae