Pastor’s Corner – April 9, 2023

I look forward to our first Easter Sunday together. By the time you get this e-news, it’s Good Friday. We are in the middle of Pascal. We enter the great mystery of our faith as followers of Jesus when we reenact the story of Christ’s passion. These are outward signs of deeper meaning in our lives today. It calls us to deepen our understanding of human suffering in many forms and how we can bring about change to alleviate human suffering. I want to share with you a poem by Julia Esquviel, Guatemalan theologian, poet and peace activist, who lived through the massacre of Maya civilians during the Guatemalan Civil War from 1960-1996 by the US backed military government. 

Threatened with Resurrection the following is a short piece from a much longer version. It causes us to pause for a moment and reflect what resurrection may mean…

It is the silent, warm weeping of Indian women,

without their husbands

It is the sad gaze of children 

fixed somewhere beyond memory

they threaten us with resurrection

for they live today and always in the streets

baptized by their blood

and in the air, which gathers up their cry.

Pastor Dae